Mermaid Bathtub

Mermaid Bathtub

Sometimes you find yourself lying in your bathtub and wonder how it would be to have some company. Your mermaid might be feeling the same way. So don’t wait and make her wish come true!

Buying your Bathtub

The Normal Mermaid Bathtub is obtained by giving 180 Fisher King Coins to Sopere on Mirage. For more info about them, head over to the [Fishing Festival] guide.

Mermaid Bathtub
Basic Mermaid Bathtub

Starting Quest

Once you are a proud owner of Bathtub you are able to pick up a quest called The Mermaid’s Request by talking with your mermaid. How? Well, you need Dahuta’s Bubble to understand her in the first place. And you also need some luck from RNGesus because whether she will decide to speak to you or not depends on your luck. Just keep using Dahuta’s Bubbles until she does.

Now head over to Mirage and talk with Sopere. Tell him that your mermaid is lonely and that you need bigger bathtub to join her. He responds that you are lucky, because mermaids are shy and that she wants to sing to you.


Finding a Frog

The quest you’ll receive after completing The Mermaid’s Request is Find My Frog. Sopere will tell you that it is no problem to get a bigger “tubby-tub” but first you need to help him. One Treasure Mimic ate his favorite frog and your job is to bring it back.

Treasure Mimic

These Mimics appear during Fishing Festival. While fishing you have small chance of catching Mimic instead of Pink Marlin. After you defeat it, loot the Mimic and you have quite a large chance of receiving a Sopere’s Frog.

But fear not because this frog is tradeable and you can usually find some on the Auction House.

Feeding Time

However Sopere is not done with you. He will upgrade your bathtub for free if you feed his frog. Sounds easy? Well get prepared to feed a really hungry frog.

During third (and last) quest Frog Whisperer your task is to “upgrade” Sopere’s Frog from his 1 kg to a 10 kg Frog. Can you imagine a frog that big? O_O Feeding this small little 1 kg frog will take few steps during each you will spend certain amount of materials and 100 labor to make it bigger. Here is a list:

StageFirst MaterialSecond Material
Sopere’s Frog (1 kg)5 000 Bait Worm100 Livestock Supplement
Sopere’s Frog (2 kg)5 000 Trimmed Meat100 Livestock Supplement
Sopere’s Frog (3 kg)5 000 Medicinal Powder100 Livestock Supplement
Sopere’s Frog (4 kg)5 000 Chopped Produce100 Livestock Supplement
Sopere’s Frog (5 kg)5 000 Orchard Puree100 Livestock Supplement
Sopere’s Frog (6 kg)500 Livestock Supplement

No, I didn’t forget to add few more rows, that is it. After you feed 6 kg frog, it will grow up to 10 kg and you are done. Have fun carrying a 10 kilogram frog in your bag 😉

Bring the frog and your Mermaid Bathtub to Sopere and you are rewarded with a Mermaid Double Bathtub!

Mermaid Double Bathtub
Trish enjoying the bath with her mermaid friend <3

Just like the previous Mermaid Bathtub, you are able to receive Mermaid’s blessing, increasing Fishing Proficiency +10,000 for 2 hours, when you throw a Dahuta’s Bubble in it.

But another thing you can do is listen to your mermaid sing. When you sit in the Bathtub and use Sheet Music, your mermaid will “sing” it for you. Be aware that the quality of her singing depends on the music you use because some songs just… don’t sound like singing at all, while others sound great.

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