Acorn Beehive

Have you ever wondered how to get the sweet honey everyone is using for larders and food? Maybe this guide can help you start harvesting some aswell!

What is honey?

Honey is material obtained mainly from husbandry through Acorn Beehives. Another way of obtaining, although not as efficent as Beehive, is through Treehouses, where small beehives rarely spawn after cleaning fallen leaves. Harvesting these gives you 4-6 honey. They can also be obtained through Savory and Fragrant Fruiting Woodlots, but it is one per harvest.

This material is used mainly for Honey Larders. Another use can be during crafting of Assorted Ribs, unless you use the Apothecary House. And probably the least popular use is for Wax Nugget, which is needed for crafting Submarines.

Getting Acorn Beehives

Recipe for Acorn Beehive

Required Labor: 50
Workbench: Handicraft Kiln

20x Lumber
1x Heavy Hardwood
3x Acorn
1x Dawn Lake Light Essence

Queen Bee

To get bees in your beehive, you need a Nymphal Queen Bee. You may attempt running your beehive without the Queen but chances of success are fairly low. Queens can be bought on the Auction House from other players or you can attempt to catch one yourself. For that you need a Queen Bee Taming Net.

Queen Bee in Mahadevi
Queen Bee in Mahadevi

Once you have your Taming Net (you might need more than one), find a Queen Bee in wild.

White Arden (Hive Colony)Mahadevi (south of Kalimantan Rubber Plantation)
Solzreed Peninsula (north of Wardton)Falcorth Plains (north of Halfmoon)

To catch a Queen Bee, you need to bring its health down to 15% or less. Then you can use your Taming Net.


After you plant your Beehive and put a Queen Bee in, it goes through 4 stages of growth.

Stage Labor used Honey Duration
Alluring no harvest option first 48 hours
Moist 200 labor 4-624 hours
Sweet 400 labor 12-16 24 hours
Prosperous 600 labor 24-30

From harvesting you can also obtain a rare drop, the Royal Jelly.

While harvesting you can get stung by bees. To prevent damage you can wear Beekeepers Veil however the damage is very, very low so the Veil is not needed at all.

Besides already mentioned 4 stages, there are two special events Beehive can go through.

Attacked Beehive

Recipe for Smoke Bead

Req. Labor: 20
Workbench: Handicraft Kiln

1x Lumber
1x Hay Bale

Your bees are in danger and you need to use Smoke Bead, othewise you will lose the Beehive. Using Smoke Bead uses 30 Labor and resets the Beehive to Alluring stage.

Attacked Beehive
Attacked Beehive
Queened Beehive

This event has chance of happening at Properous stage. You get option to obtain a newly born Queen Bee or just harvest Honey as usual. Taking a Queen Bee uses 100 Labor and resets the Beehive to Alluring stage. You get no Honey when using that option, so keep that in mind.

Queened Beehive
Queened Beehive

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