[OUTDATED] Working at Castle

Working at Castle

If you ever find yourself in need of Lord’s Coins you have two options – buy them from other players or… go work at a castle!


To be able to work at a castle you need to:

  • reach level 50,
  • not be a member of guild that owns any castle,
  • own Blank Territory Work Permit.
Blank Territory Work Permit

Permit can be bought in the Prestige Shop for 50 Prestige.

To activate the permit pick your desired castle, find one of two NPCs – Territory Building Manager (Capital) or Territory Market Director (Market) – and talk with that NPC. Once you activate your Permit like this, you can work on the castle for 7 days. After 7 days, you cannot accept more work unless you use new Permit. Changing castle is possible only by buying a new Blank Permit and activating it at the different castle. This will overwrite the old Permit.

Territory Market Director

Construction Workbench

When the territory lord (leader of guild that owns castle) opens workbench at Capitol, extra daily quest appear for players with Permit. Activate the quest and craft a pack to obtain one Lord’s Coin.

Construction Workbenches
Finished workbench (on left) and worbench with quest available (on right)

After players craft a certain amounts of packs, a timer will begin and dwarf NPCs finish these packs. Castle owners can later take the packs and use them to build their castle.

Opening a workbench is not cheap and requires many Lord’s Coins! So do not expect workbenches being open everytime.


Once a day you can receive a Territoken from the Territory Market Director at castle Market. Talk with this NPC and get Territory Market Box that can be opened using 5 Gilda Stars. Territoken is needed to buy a quest at the farms.

Each farm has 4-5 different quests that have a cooldown. That means once someone takes the quest, another quest will appear after some time depending on the farm’s level.

Full Territory Farm
Low level farm with all quests available
Empty Territory Farm
Low level farm with all quests on cooldown

Territory Product

Once the quest is picked up by the player at the end of the timer a Territory Product appears instead of a new quest. Taking this pack also consumes a Territoken.

Territory Products
Territory Products ready to be taken

Once you pick up the pack, your job is quite simple – you just need to deliver it to the Market Merchant NPC. Reward for delivering is 50 Lord’s Pences.

Market Merchants
Three Market Merchants; Merchant on left has full stock and doesn’t accept more packs

These delivered packs are the source of Lord’s Coins for castle owners because when Market Merchant receives enough packs, members of ruling guild can claim new packs and put them in Warehouse to sell them.

Territory Tree

This quest is obtained from the lady that is holding a flowerpot. For one Territoken she gives you 5 Territory Saplings. These saplings are different for each territory.

Territory Sapling NPC on cooldown
Territory Sapling NPC on cooldown

You can plant your saplings anywhere you want in the territory and after 4 hours they are harvestable. Only the  person who planted them can harvest the grown tree. Other players have the option to uproot them but this action costs hundreds of labor so your trees are usually safe even out in wild.

Four stages of Exeloch Territory Tree
Four stages of Territory Tree – sapling, growing tree, grown tree ready for harvest and just harvested tree

Grown tree expires after 20 hours so better not forget them!

Territory Trees
Each territory has different looking trees

One harvested tree gives you 20 Lord’s Pences (which means the whole quest gives you 100 Lord’s Pences).

Hunting Order

This is the only quest that actually appears in quest log and thanks to that can be completed even after losing your Permit. You obtain this quest from the man with pitchfork standing on farm.

Hunting Order  NPC on cooldown
Hunting Order  NPC on cooldown

Your job will be to kill certain amount of monsters that appear after destroying Mana Tower in the territory where you took the quest (taking down Mana Tower is not an easy task and you need raid for it).

Aust Mana Tower
Mana Tower before purification

The quest’s objective is to obtain 100 points. Big mobs give 4 points per kill, small mobs give 2. After completing this quest you receive 50 Lord’s Pences.

Territory Fruit and Territory Meat

These two quest are very similar. Territory Fruit is obtained from the baskets filled with fruits and Meat is obtained from stump with piece of raw meat on it.

Empty fruit stand and available meat quest
Empty fruit stand and available meat quest

For one Territoken you get 4 pieces of Fruit/Meat and you can have up to 20 of them in your inventory at once. This quest is finished by selling your Fruit/Meat to a Territory Food Merchant/Butcher while carrying pack on your back. To sell the Fruit you have to carry Auroria Mineral Water, to sell the meat you need Smoldering Log Bundle ([guide how to obtain those]).

Territory Food Merchant
Territory Butcher
Territory Butcher

Each item needs one pack and you get 25 Lord’s Pences for each (= 100 Lord’s Pences in total).

Gilda Star Collector

This quest is available only on Prime Territory Farms (farms that have been upgaded) and gives you a Light Territory Product.

Gilda Star Collector with quest on left and on cooldown on right

To get the pack, you not only need one Territoken but also 50 Gilda Stars. The pack is sold at the Market Merchant, just like a normal Territory Product but the reward for selling the Light version is 100 Lord’s Pences.


As mentioned at each individual quest descriptions, rewards for tasks are Lord’s Pences. You can combine 100 Lord’s Pences to get 1 Lord’s Coin. These are used in various crafting recipes.

Do you have more questions about Castle Quests? Leave them in comments!

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