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Books are one of the most popular type of decorations. They look nice, you can read interesting stories and getting them is challenging. In this article you will find list of all obtainable books that can be put in a house as decoration.

This guide does NOT include event books that are not and will not be obtainable for future players.

All books are received in form of Manuscript which is used as crafting material for book of same title. This crafting can be done at Printing Press, labor cost is 25 and materials required are:

1 Book Manuscript
10 Paper
1 Memory Ink
5 Leather

Books From Achievements

All books in this category, except for Tadal’s Development Journal, are obtained by gathering relics from Vaultstone. Vaultstone is made by combining 35 Vaultstone Shards that can be found in Sunken Treasure Chests.

Book Title
Achievement Title
Achievement Description
Delphinad MasqueradeMany-Faced GodCollect all four types of Delphinad Masquerade masks.
Epherium ArtisanEpherium Treasure HunterCollect all eighteen Epherium relics.
Ghost of TerenaTerena Relic CollectorCollect all three Terena Noble’s relics.
HomeboundLittle People, Big RelicsCollect Dwarven Bridge Rail.
Tadal’s Development JournalSkating to SuccessPractice using a Longboard or Cogwheel Longboard. (Use Jump skill 300 times)
The Lakespring ClanRelics Spring EternalCollect both Lakespring Tribe relics.

Books From Quests

Book Title
Aranzebia and the Dead PrincessNachen’s VengeancePart of Dream Ring questline, after killing Morpheus
Bloody Bhiskia: War HistoriesSecrets Concealed (Haranya) / To Meet Once More (Nuia)Part of long questline that starts by buying a book from Evenbard and talking with NPC.
Nuian: A Wish Come True – Librarian Madam Ollinga in Crescent Throne
Haranyan: Hero of Austera – Librarian Tirina in City of Towers
Full quest guide will be soon on this blog!
Tales of the Twelve: The Gods and the HeroesIn the Footsteps of Gods and HeroesLevel all Skillsets to 50 and talk to a Skill Manager.
Duimos’s MemoirsThe Growl before the Ocean’s RoarTo start quest be owner of Growling Yawl ship and talk with NPC Archeologist Jeisson in Two Crowns Ezna or Rookborne Duskgleam.
Humanity’s Naval HistoryGetting Ship-ShapeOwn any ship bigger than rowboat and talk with NPC Archeologist Jeisson in Two Crowns Ezna or Rookborne Duskgleam.
Mage Miller’s RecordsDisarming the LibraryPart of Ayanad Earring questline.
Sebath’s JournalA Good ReputationQuest from main questline, Chapter 15.
Taking Wing: Glider HistoryThe History of Gliders Have Moonshadow Glider,Thunderbolt Glider, Ezi’s Glider or Red Dragon Glider equipped and talk with NPC Archeologist Jeisson in Two Crowns Ezna or Rookborne Duskgleam.
Taylor’s JournalEvacuation Protocol (Haranya) / Red’s Riders (Nuia)Complete beginner glider quest.
The Kidella RingConsulting an ExpertPart of Ynys Guardian Ring questline.

Abyssal Skill Books

All these books are obtained by unlocking Abyssal Skilltree at Queen’s Chamber in Cinderstone Moor.

Book Title
Abyssal Skilltree
Orchidna’s Journals: Aranzeb
Orchidna’s Journals: AranzebiaWitchcraft
Orchidna’s Journals: EannaOccultism
Orchidna’s Journals: GeneBattlerage
Orchidna’s Journals: InochAuramancy
Orchidna’s Journals: KyprosaVitalism
Orchidna’s Journals: LuciusSongcraft
Orchidna’s Journals: MelisaraShadowplay
Orchidna’s Journals: OlloDefense
Orchidna’s Journals: TahyangArchery

Books Bought From NPC

Book Title
Obtained From
Mireyna’s Dragon Hunt JournalBought from Evenbard merchant.

Books From Exploration

These four books are different from others because you have to gather them piece by piece. Every book has certain amount of pages (called Entry #number) and tools (called Quire Tool #number) that bind pages together. Once you have, for example, pages 1 to 10, you can use corresponding Quire Tool to bind them together. Quire, that you obtain like this, is bound, however, by using it again, you can reverse it and get back all pages and Quire Tool.

When you gather all Quires, you will be able to combine them and when delivered to specific NPC, you will receive not only Manuscript but also title. 

Marian’s Complete Diary
This diary is slightly different than others, because the only place to obtain it is around Seawise Queen shipwreck. In this area you can find Seawise Queen Victims, who drop both Entries and Quire Tools, and Seawise Queen Chests where you can find parts of Diary as well.

Location of Seawise Queen
Location of Seawise Queen

Entries: 40
Quire Tools: 4
Quest: The Scattered Journal – Lady Rose in Golden Fable Harbor
Title: Sea Scholar

Next three Journals have their own locations as well but you can find their entries also in Sunked Treasure Chests that are randomly scattered in all seas.

Alecto’s Complete Journal
Pages and Quire Tools of this book can be found in Old Jars and Old Relic Containers around Center of Dahuta’s Power (south from Freedich Island).

Entries: 69
Quire Tools: 7
Quest: A Lost Civilization – Blue Pearl Crewmember Angeli on Freedich Island
Title: Master of the Deep

Iyor’s Complete Travel Journal
You can find Entries of this journal in Sunked Treasure Chest but the only way to obtain Quire Tools is opening Explorer’s Bags located on Nuia, Ocean or Auroria.

These Bags can be found on Exploration Achievement spots, contain small amount of gold and silver, one Hereafter Stone, random page from Iyor’s Journal and have chance of containing random Quire Tool as well.

Explorer’s Bag

Entries: 80
Quire Tools: 8
Quest: Iyor the Adventurer – Chris Wyrdwind in Airship Laboratory in Halcyona
Title: Master of the Faun

Rudal’s Complete Travel Journal
Just like Iyor, Rudal’s Journal pages and Quire Tools can be found in Explorer’s Bags but only in those located in Haranya, Ocean or Auroria.

Entries: 86
Quire Tools: 8
Quest: Rudal the Rogue – Wife of Marquis Salom Silvia in Caernord
Title: Master of the Phoenix

Achievements Related

Best Bookworm
Complete all Bookworm achievements.

  • Obtain Rudal’s Complete Travel Journal
  • Obtain Iyor’s Complete Travel Journal
  • Obtain Bloody Bhiskia
  • Obtain Marian’s Complete Diary
  • Obtain Alecto’s Complete Journal
  • Obtain Mireyna’s Dragon Hunt Journal
  • Obtain Aranzebia and the Dead Princess
  • Obtain Tales of the Twelve: The Gods and the Heroes

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