World Bosses

They are big, they are strong and we want to kill them. World Bosses are needed for quest, item crafting or for triggering other events.

All bosses listed also have their own Path of Glory quest – daily quests that are accepted once you get near respective boss. These quests are finished once the boss is defeated and the reward is Gilda Stars. In some cases you also receive a quest item for Dream Ring questline.

Minor Bosses

Name Level Location Respawn Time Gilda Stars
Akanun the Tidelord 10 Solzreed Peninsula (map) 1h 1
Gilneas 10 Solzreed Peninsula (map) 4h 1
Castigant Reaper 10 Solzreed Peninsula (map) 4h 1
Gweonid Forest Spirit 10 Gweonid Forest (map) 4h 1
Hellhook the Impaler 20 Lilyut Hills (map) 4h 1
Verith’s Masterpiece 20 White Arden (map) 4h 1
Karon the Herdlord 10 Arcum Iris (map) 30m 1
Rainbow Ostrich 10 Arcum Iris (map) 4h 1
Skeleton Lord Jamushi 10 Falcorth Plains (map) 4h 1
Annulta the Yatamaton 10 Tigerspine Mountains (map) 4h 1
Werespider Arak 29 Silent Forest (map) 4h 1
Jamerath the Shadowmage 30 Silent Forest (map) 4h 1
Reedpipe Leader Palaxis 30 Villanelle (map) 1h 1
Singing Greenman Shoon 30 Villanelle (map) 4h 1
The General’s Spirit 46 Perinoor Ruins (map) 4h 1

World Bosses

Some of these bosses can be caught using Legendary or Mythic Taming Net.

NameLevelLocationRespawn TimeGilda StarsCan be caught
Windlord 29 Arcum Iris (map) / Lilyut Hills (map) 6h 1 yes
Tarian the Grim 30 Dewstone Plains (map) 8h 1 yes
Farkrag the Wanderer 30 Gweonid Forest (map) / Falcorth Plains (map) 6h 1 yes
Treant Ramun 30 Dewstone Plains (map) / Mahadevi (map) 6h 1
Mastus the Bonetree 30 White Arden (map) 6h 1
Twisted Gate Spawn 40 Hellswamp (map) 6h 1
Grathax the Defiler 30 Silent Forest (map) 8h 1
Flamelord 30 Solis Headlands (map) 8h 1 yes
Gatekeeper Harrod 50 Villanelle (map) 8h 1 yes
Ghost Ship 50 Arcadian Sea (map) / Castaway Strait (map) / Halcyona Gulf (map) 2h 3

Rift Bosses

These bosses are final stage of rifts. 

NameLevelLocationGilda StarsRift
Hound of Kyrios50Cinderstone Moor (map) / Ynystere (map) / Sungold Fields (map) 3 Crimson Rift
(12:00 in-game time in Ynystere and Cinderstone)
(18:00 in-game time in Sungold)
Nightmare Blade55Cinderstone Moor (map) / Ynystere (map) 3 Grimghast Rift (0:00 in-game time)
Nightmare Bowstring55Cinderstone Moor (map) / Ynystere (map) 3 Grimghast Rift 
(0:00 in-game time)
Cursed Giant Stone Golem50Hasla (map) 3 Hasla Rift (18:00 in-game time)
Anthalon50Sungold Fields (map) 3 Sungold Crimson Rift (spawns after defeating Hounds of Kyrios)
Jakar55Whalesong Harbor (map) 3 Whalesong Rift (when Whalesong gets in war)
Final Sealbreaker*55Aegis Island (map)4Aegis Rift (when Aegis gets in war)

(* Killing Final Sealbreaker doesn’t finish guild quest)

Shadow Rift Bosses

After some testing it seems, spawn times of these bosses are random. Hours in the Respawn Time column are minimum time after which there is a chance for the boss to spawn.

NameLevelLocationRespawn TimeGilda Stars
Daruda the Watcher 55 Halcyona (map) 12h 1
The Croakfiend 55 Hellswamp (map) 14h 1
Zaldrane the Enchantress 55 Sanddeep (map) 12h 3
Tanis the Despoiler 55 Karkasse Ridgelands (map) 14h 1
Blightshade 55 Rookborne Basin (map) 12h 1
Goretusk the Leveler 55 Windscour Savannah (map) 12h 1
Yaksa Leader 55 Perinoor Ruins (map) 8h 1
Hanure the Hunter 55 Hasla (map) 14h 3

Large Bosses

NameLevelLocationRespawn TimeGilda StarsNote
Delphinad Ghost Ship 50 Arcadian Sea (map)320:15 UTC/18:15 PDT
Captain Rangora 55 Sunspeck Sea (map) 8h 3
Dahuta’s Champion Nazar 55 Sunspeck Sea (map) 4h 3  
Morpheus the Forsaken 55 Stormraw Sound (map) 8h 3  
Prince Riesig the Accursed 50 Sunspeck Sea (map)3Spawned by players
Glenn 55 Sungold Fields (map)3Spawns at 6 AM in-game time
Meina 55 Sungold Fields (map)3Spawns at 6 AM in-game time
Calamitous Vyrava 50 Heedmar (map)3 Spawned by players
Jola the Cursed 55 Exeloch (map)3Spawns at 6 AM in-game time
Kadun55Mistmerrow4Spawns after Mistmerrow war ends and monsters are defeated
Thunderwing Titan 55 Reedwind4 Spawned by players
Red Dragon 55 Karkasse Ridgelands (map)5 Tu/Th/Su
Kraken 55 Arcadian Sea (map)3 Tu/Th/Sa
Leviathan 55 Arcadian Sea (map)5 Mo/We/Fri

Big thanks to Pusher (Tempest) for helping me with respawn times!

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