Western Hiram Mountains

Hiram Mountains is the place where the twelve companions went to find legendary Garden, birthplace of the world. Since then many things have changed.

Thousand years have passed since their journey and now it is our time to fight monsters attracted by the strange energy which arose in this area. Enjoy this little preview of upcoming zone in Auroria accompanied by quotes from Gods and Heroes, a book attributed to Lucius Quinto, the expedition’s ill-fated bard. 

It was only a matter of time before our feet began to follow our hearts: North, toward the Hiram Mountains.
Mountains that will be the death of us all.
Three peaks into our crossing, we are tired, cold, and ugly. Teeth of frost hang from our hair and our noses, covering skin pulled taught over sunken cheeks. There are no pleasures of bed or table. Just snow, ice, and endless rock.

Gods and Heroes by Lucius Quinto

The mountains and their numbing chill are behind us. So, too, is the cracked, jigsaw surface of the Hiram basin, hot and dry as a funeral pyre. For days we walked and wondered: did we survive the frozen peaks just to be smothered by heat?
Over time, dunes gave way to soil, then to forests of wild growth. Strange (breathing?) plants seemed to mark our passing. Some lashed at our weapons and limbs, taking flesh and blood before the oddling – of all people! – found a way to staunch their thirst.

Gods and Heroes by Lucius Quinto


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