Underwater Breathing Device

Underwater Breathing Device

Sometimes you find yourself in situation when you need air. You cannot spawn clipper and you ran out of Dahuta’s Breath. And at those times you will be glad you have portable UBD!

This Underwater Breathing Device we are going to talk about is permanent Device that can be summoned from Basic Abilities. Its duration is 10 minutes and cooldown 20 minutes. Just like UBD you can get from ship, this one is also a pack.

Skill for summoning UBD
Skill for summoning UBD

Getting UBD is quite easy. You need to kill 8 ghosts that are scattered around sea. Each of them drops a quest starter. Once you use it, your only task will be to speak with specific NPC on land and this NPC will give you UBA Component.

To get Underwater Breathing Device you have to do one thing – combine all 8 UBA components.

A Captain’s Dream

Ghost of Alonso in Arcadian Sea

Farmer Jerad in Halcyona

A Doomed Voyage  

Ghost of Redish in Sunspeck Sea

Wind Mage Apprentice Ulgarik in Rookborne Basin

A Dream Denied

Ghost of Urshur in Arcadian Sea

Osso in Halcyona

Ghost of Urshur and Osso location
A Fruitless Search

Bulgari the Reaper in Arcadian Sea

Jewel Merchant Viviano in Sanddeep

A Labor of Love

Ghost of Alex in Halcyona Gulf

Horan in Perinoor Ruins

Lost at Sea

Dalgru the Shade in Castaway Strait

Yuldeen in Rookborne Basin

One Last Apology

Ghost Fyre in Castaway Strait

Waldur in Sanddeep

The Unrepentant Pirate

Ghost Marum in Arcadian Sea

Soyo in Hasla

Ghost Marum and Soyo location

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