Talking Frog

Talking Frog is a living decoration. It sometimes moves and also talks with you. And of course having a frog in house is just cool, don’t you think?

To get your own Frog, you need to travel to Marcala and fill your inventory with water. Not really, but you will probably need around 200-300. If you are proud owner of hauler (or similar vehicle), you can refil anywhere.

Contaminated Well location

On place marked on map above you will find Contaminated Well. You will have two options
F – Drink water from well (I don’t recommend this option) or
G – Clean contaminated well.

Your job will be to clean the water. Everytime you do so, you will spend 10 Water and 50 Labor Points..

After random amount of tries, a frog will appear and you will have option to take it with you.

And what now?

Except for pretty looking decoration, you got new talking friend as well. Type in /say chat and frog will repeat whatever you say. However if you manage to use one of specific trigger words, frog will tell you one of its unique lines.

Some examples of these triggers are “hello” or “what is love“. 

Tip: If you cannot read what frog says because it disappears too fast, make new chat tab and check Quest Dialogue option.

That is not all! 

Talking Frog is also part of a quest called The Frog Prince.

To start it find King Jian in Hasla and have Talking Frog in your inventory.

King Jian in Hasla

Reward for finishing (very short) quest is 500 proficiency experience in Exploration. Also you will lose your frog.

You can read full quest conversation here:

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