Regrade Brazier and Archeum Tree

Are you in need of Archeum or Regrade Jewels (Sunpoint, Moonpoint, Starpoint)? Do you prefer to get items by yourself instead of buying them on Auction House? It is time to get familiar with Regrade Braziers and Archeum Trees!


There are two ways of getting Brazier or Sapling.
1) Auction House
2) Vocation Shop
  Radiant Archeum Tree Sapling – 200 vocation badges
  Regrade Brazier – 200 vocation badges

Where to plant

Although you can plant them anywhere, I really don’t recommend planting them outside of Auroria. Why? You need water for trees and you need logs for braziers. Water and logs are obtained in Aurorian zones and they are packs. So unless you want to spend hours for transporting water/logs to other areas far from their source, it’s best to just get some land in Auroria.


When you put Brazier/Tree on your land, it is not over. In order to make them grow up, you need to do one more thing.

Regrade Brazier requires Smoldering Log Bundle 
Radiant Archeum Tree Sapling requires Auroria Mineral Water Bundle

Mineral Water before and after gathering on left, Smoldering Log on right

Smoldering Log Bundles can be found in Marcala and Calmlands
Auroria Mineral Water Bundles can be found in Heedmar and Nuimari.


Dust or Shard on left, Crystal Tree is the higher one on right

When Radiant Archeum Tree is ready to harvest, you can see 3 types – Dust, Shard or Crystal Archeum Tree. This determines what grade of Archeum you will get out of it. At this point, you have two options of what to do with tree – you can identify or chop it down.

If you decide to cut the tree down, you will get Archeum Logs. Identifying the tree will change it’s color into one of 3 – red (sunlight), blue (moonlight) or green (starlight). At this point, you know exactly what you will get after harvesting.

For example, if your tree is crystal and red, you will get Sunlight Archeum Crystals. If your tree is dust and green, you will get Starlight Archeum Dust.

After identifying you gave only one option, which is to harvest the tree. This action doesn’t consume any labor.

There is also small chance for Radiant Archeum Tree becoming Thunderstruck Tree.

Hot on left, warm on right

Regrade Brazier is similar to Archeum Tree, but there are only 2 types – warm or hot. Again you can identify or destroy brazier. Destroying ready brazier will give you Flaming Logs.

Identifying will change color of brazier into one of three – red (sun), blue (moon) or green (star). Combination of color and warmth determines obtained items.

Hot brazier gives you Sunpoint, Moonpoint or Starpoint (depending on color) and warm brazier gives you Sunpoint, Moonpoint or Starpoint Fragment.


Gathering water: 15 LP in Mining
Gathering log: 15 LP in Logging
Cut down tree: 15 LP in Logging
Destroying brazier: 15 LP in Mining
Identifying tree: 75 LP in Gathering
Identifying brazier: 75 LP in Alchemy

In past…

In past updates it was possible to obtain Aurorian Water and Log Bundle via castles.

This feature has been removed in patch 5.5.

Another way of obtaining Water or Log Bundle is growing them on your own. If you find a castle with build Marketplace, at Territory Workbench (in its corner) you can exchange your Lord’s Coins for Auroria Mineral Water Pumps and Auroria Twilight Tree Saplings.

Castle Marketplace with Territory Workbench in corner
Crafting recipe for obtaining Pump and Sapling
Crafting recipe for obtaining Pump and Sapling

These two items can be planted on any land located in Auroria. After 10 hours you are able to gather them.

Auroria Mineral Water Pump produces 10 Archeum Water Bundles
Auroria Twilight Sapling produces 10 Smoldering Log Bundles 

Mineral Water Pump on left, Twilight Tree on right

After you water/light your tree/brazier, it takes 8 hours for them to grow.

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  1. I have no idea why people are afraiding auroria taxes. You can get many gold in auroria land. I have a 24 and 2×16. I earn around 200g in 1 tour farming and that is moore than I pay for weekly tax. Yea, just 1 tour and you earn enough gold to pay land tax. And these things are needed all the time so it is not an dead investment 🙂

  2. Amazing, I’ve learned more about mineral water and burning logs in 5 minutes reading this guide than I have in over an hour looking elsewhere on both. Thank you very much for the superb and detailed information on both

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